“Self-disclosure promotes transparency and accountability”

Bhubaneswar/02.05.2023: A physical training programme was conducted on maintenance of online state RTI portal and RTI provisions (www.rtiodisha.gov.in) for Public Information Officer, Assistant Public Information officer, Administrative unit wise PIOs and First appellate Authority for Odisha Mining Corporation, Bhubaneswar and its district level divisional offices of different districts at 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM on 02.05.2023.

The training modules included withdrawal of hard copy in online RTI application and Auto-generation of RTI registers and annual report etc. Sri Horsha Parichha, Domain Expert, RTI PMU Cell, Information & Public Relation Department, Govt. of Odisha Bhubaneswar imparted the training successfully both in theory and practical implementation of Right to Information and RTI CMM. Facilitator has given more importance on “Self-disclosure promotes transparency and accountability” and also he has advised to integrate their all districts level offices in RTI portal at the earliest which has not yet been integrated and disclosure should be bilingual. The Basic important points are mentioned below:

1. logging into one’s Public Authority Account

2. Add and update of proactive disclosure

3. Accept online RTI application

4. Disposal of RTI Application

5. Status maintain of RTI application

6. Transfer of RTI Application

7. Forward of RTI application

8. Creation of Manage PIO

9. Creation of Manage section

10. Disposal of application incoming

11. Entry of RTI application through add offline application or backlog-e-filling

12. Auto Generation of Information Register

13. Auto Generation of Cash Register

14. Auto Generation of Appeal Register

15. Auto Generation of Annual report

16. Maintain manage profile

In the interaction session of training programme many of the participants raised the questions regarding amount of cost of information supplying of information for BPL category applicant. Participant have also discussed clearly regarding act rules of the RTI Act, 2005. Some of the officers questioned how to intimate “B” form to the applicant and receive the reply of requested information from u/-5(4) in a public authority which has very clearly explained by the facilitator.


 | 02-05-2023

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