“Right to Central Monitoring Mechanism (RTI CMM) leaded me a new life”.

Problem faced by the applicant :-
Though I had appeared Examination in Naxyatra Institute of Media Studies, Bhubaneswar, Odisha Under Utkal University but, I was covered with a shadows future of life. I was totally unknown regarding my institution assurance and result.

Duration :-
Start Date :-10-04-2018
End Date :-29-05-2018

Utilization of RTI act as a tool by the applicant :-
One Mr. Pratush Ranajn Khamari at Brahmapura, Post Patnagarh dist Balangir he was deserving to lodge online RTI application, due to the cause of his future life risk. He contacted to Mr. Horsha Parichha, Domain Expert, Luminous Infoways, Bhubaneswar. Thereafter Mr. Parichha explained regarding the process of online RTI application and its consequence.

Content of Success Story :-
A man named Mr Pratush Ranajn Khamari, a native from the interior pocket of Balangir District was searching information regarding his examination and result. He had appeared Examination in Naxyatra Institute of Media Studies, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Subsequently he was not confident on the base root of Institution and conducting procedure of examination. Because last three years was passed he could not receive his result. According to his statement concerned institute is affiliated body or not that was also unknown. After consultation he filed online RTI application to Public Information Officer of Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. After so many attempt, contacting over phone and interaction he received information from Utkal University within the time period of 30 days. Such Information was :-
1. His appearance of examination is not dilemma but indeed it is a real fact on the same educational time lime.
2. In the examination he has already passed.

Thereafter with immense pleasure he selected higher studies for his bright future life.

Process :-
In the 1st stage Mr. Khamari lodged RTI application through RTI CMM with form no. A and attachment of Identity proof including 10/- rupees of RTI application fees. He asked to Public Information Officer Utkal University of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. After lodging of RTI application PIO of Utkal University gathered information from different sections and supplied to applicant, as a result Mr Pratush Ranajn Khamari got benefit through RTI information.

Output/Outcomes :-
? Finally applicant came to know that Naxyatra Istitute is Education based institution
? His examination has really valid
? He passed from the examination

Conclusion/Abstract of Success Story :-
Now a day’s large numbers of RTI applicant is increasing and getting their appropriate information from Public Authorities. In deed RTI is tool to make transparency and accountability among the Government. To promote RTI Act, 2005 Right to Central Monitoring Mechanism RTI CMM is special instrument for citizen as well as public authority.

Horsha Parichha, Domain Expert, Luminous Infoways Postal Address:N/5 plot no. 103, IRC Village, Jaya

Attachment :-

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